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US Hydrographics

US Hydrographics provides professional hydrographic/water transfer printing services to many different industries.

Hydrographics allows you to make your items a s one-of-a-kind as you are. Having the ability to print to irregular and complex shapes makes the hydrographics/water transfer printing process unique.

US Hydrographics Store

Our hydrographics store is divided into several popular categories. This is to make things simpler  for you to get an idea as to what the starting point is for pricing our hydrographic services. These prices are baseline prices for basic dips. For items that will require more work(filling,sanding, masking, sticker removal…), US Hydrographics will contact you prior to performing any work. You can order any item online and pay for it with your Paypal or Credit Card. For items requiring custom quotes, please add our Custom Dipping and Hydrographics product to your cart and check-out. You will need to create an account so that we have all of the necessary information to supply a quote on our custom hydrographic/water transfer printing services.

All orders placed online will be confirmed to ensure which hydrographic film pattern is to be used. US Hydrographics will contact you as soon as we receive your part to go over the details of the order.

Please have a pattern chosen from the following hydrographic films:

Camo Hydrographic Dipping Films

Carbon Fiber Hydrographic Dipping Films

Designer Hydrographic Dipping Films

Metal Hydrographic Dipping Films

Stone Hydrographic Dipping Films

Wood Grain Hydrographic Dipping Films


All shipping will be paid for by the customer.

Any and all gun parts must be dis-assembled without the action and shipped UPS or Fed-Ex ground.

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